Research Group — Zero-Dimensional Symmetry


Locally compact tools collection

A collection of computational and visualisation tools that fall under the description "locally compact groups acting on discrete structures".

Tree-drawing tool

We offer two tools to draw certain trees and graphs. The first one allows the user to draw parts of regular trees using one of various focus models, depending on which part of the tree ought to be hightlighted, e.g. a vertex, an edge, an axis or an end. The second one plots parts of free products of graphs, i.e. graphs that arise from stitching together a collection of input graphs in a free fashion.

Coding Theory Hamming and Golay codes with Huffman Optimisation

An interactive tool developed by students that illustrates the use of Hamming and Golay codes as well as Huffman optimisation.

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The Australian Postgraduate Algebra Colloquium, a series of online seminars and community of students and early career researchers.

The Group Actions Seminar held regularly at The University of Sydney.

The Geometry and Topology Seminar held regularly at The University of Sydney.

The Topological Groups Seminar (online) hosted regularly by the Univerity of Hawai'i.


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The YouTube channel of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute.

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