Research Group — Zero-Dimensional Symmetry

Most of our videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Talks given by our members

Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Groups via Group Actions - Workshop at the Banff International Research Station (virtual) in August, 2021.

Locally compact groups acting on discrete structure - WinSum school at the Bernoulli Center (virtual) in December, 2020.

AustMS 2020

Miscellaneous Videos

A seminar talk by George Willis at Text A&M on "Scale Groups".

Symmetry - A video in the NSW Department of Education's SISP program by Stephan Tornier.

An introduction the research assistant project "Computations with self-replicating groups" by George Willis.

An introduction to the research assistant project "Computations with finite graphs" by George Willis.

A seminar talk by George Willis on "Label Refinement for Graphs".

An introduction to symmetry created for the 2020 Children's University On Campus Discovery Days.

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